A History In The Woods


The “Camps U.P. North – A History In The Woods”  is a brief history of the old logging and hunting camps of the Central Upper Peninsula of Michigan, an area where time has nearly stood still. With the discovery of iron ore in 1844 near Negaunee, Michigan, there has been an influx of immigrants to work the iron mines of the Marquette Range or copper mines of the Keewenaw Peninsula. With them came their love of nature, and the traditions and lore of the “old country”. These immigrants were happy to be Americans, yet preserved the customs carried from many countries of Western and Eastern Europe.

Most of the camps in the book were constructed between 1880 and 1910. Most have now disappeared, either through fire, neglect or harsh U.P. winters. A few still remain, a testament to our immigrant fathers’ skills as craftsmen. Some have been rebuilt, others have stayed in the same family for more than 100 years.

This “History In The Woods” was a labor of love for me since my father was one of those immigrant miners and a great woodsmen. Many of the stories my father and uncle told about living off the land the camps and the people who frequented them are captured in this book.   The Camps U.P. North is truly their story!

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